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Merry Meet,


Glad you made it. I was hoping a few witches had itches on what else was to be found on my other site.


Let me say that I really have been trying hard to learn all this website stuff and I am getting better but please bare with me.


If I could Magickally make this all good that would be the spell of the century. If any of you have that please send it to me.


So I am still working on this and if you come back you should keep seeing progress.


I hope you subscribe. I do have a free E-Book it is The Gardnerian Book Of Shadows with links for you if you do.

Here is the link: Click Here


I am also an affiliate for a few of my favorite witches so if you click on a link I might get compensated.


I think the benefit is more for you than me because that is what being a good witch is all about.


It a one witch show so any support from you all helps to keeps me off my broom and allows me to focus more on life and the things I enjoy.


As with everything a good witch does we always remember the rule of three’s and to always “Harm None”.



Oh and I have created a few fun items you will find here and there. I think you like them because they rock.


Please see my shop for all your supplies !!  We have all your Magickal, Ceremonial, Spiritual & Ritual Items and more.


You can buy witchcraft products online 24 hours a day


Choose from a wide selection including: Charged Routine Candles, Necessary Oils, Tarot Decks, Books of Shadows, Incense, Ritual Washes, Wicca Fashion Jewelry, Crystals, Stones, Wands, Spells, and much more!


Plus new stuff when its available.


So please take a look and see what calls to you.  Shop Link


Thank you,